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Business Portfolio

EE&T builds businesses by providing technical and managerial support along the same core areas where it has built its advisory capability, namely Strategy Consulting, Corporate Finance and Advisory, Process Reengineering Consultancy and Islamic Finance Advisory. By capitalizing on core strengths, and keeping these strengths as a basis for partnership, EE&T has been able to build 5 successful businesses from scratch. These companies constitute the private equity portfolio of EE&T, where the firm continues to maintain its equity in all companies that it establishes. The firm’s shareholding within individual companies varies from 10-50%.

EE&T continues to build a business portfolio where individual businesses complement each other and benefit from significant synergies between them. Whether it’s a new business or an already running business, the firm provides the needed capital or investment and then provides leadership and management support to put the business on a trajectory to higher growth and profitability. In addition to capital the support, or input, provided by EE&T is in the areas of Business Strategy, Corporate Finance Management, Human Resource Management and functional management. Through this input portfolio businesses develop an indigenous capability to embark on a path to perpetual growth and profitability. EE&T ensures that the input and support provided and capabilities so developed in a company are sustained over time and are specific to the relevant industry of that company. As the portfolio companies optimize their performance, EE&T can pave the way to further growth and expansion through raising equity capital or soliciting investments from individuals or institutions.

EE&T houses professionals and partners with individuals and institutions that are experts in their relevant industry. Over the years this approach has put EE&T in a position to quickly evaluate market environment and formulate business solutions that are strategically pertinent and value adding.

Presently, following companies constitute the business portfolio of EE&T: